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 I Feel Great!


My name is Mary Stella Olivas, Personal Wellness Coach.   I have been an Independent Herbalife Member since December 2008.  My mission an passion is to reach as many people about the incredible wellness products called "Herbalife".  For once I found a product that has been helping people over 34 years with weight management and proper nutrition.  I know with my personal experience taking the Herbalife Formula 1 replacement meals and the enhancers maximized my energy level and health.

I love consuming the Herbalife Nutrition as well as Exercise. I'm motivated by the fact that I'm taking care of myself. Every thing I do is a little gift to me. I like feeling strong and confident. I love that I've inspired my friends, family, and acquaintances to adopt more healthy habits. But more than anything else, it helps me to be more comfortable in my own skin—and that is PRICELESS.


My gift to you is “Never Quit”.  If you fall, get up and turn your self around with head up high and keep going.   Remember: No one fails – We fail only when we Quit!



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